As a certified translator, excellent command of both languages is an absolute must. With my native-language expertise and various fields of specialization, I offer translations of utmost quality. My aim is to create an idiomatic target text while maintaining original meaning and nuances. I am creative where called for and hairsplittingly accurate when necessary. 


For additional quality assurance, I entrust the proofreading of translations to experienced colleagues. Choose between the two or even three-person rule for documents of particular importance.

The hermeneutic translation – or how to master pitfalls successfully

Every language has its quirks and particularities. What sounds elegant and professional in German might seem stiff and cumbersome in English. When that is the case, a "pure" translation is not always the optimal solution. In such cases, partial rewriting or creating new text is a viable option. That way the message does not get lost in translation. On the contrary – it’s the only way the message remains intact.

Translation tools

I work with SDL Trados Studio so that your translations are cast in the same mold. This proven software and terminology database ensures consistency within a text and follow-up jobs.