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Types of Texts

  • Culture & Education
  • Philosophy
  • Arts & Literature
  • Business
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Technology & Software
  • Websites
  • Magazines
  • Academic Journals
  • Social Media Content
  • Bachelor’s, Master's and Doctoral Theses
  • Certified Translations for the Courts and Notaries of Hesse

My Story

Sarah Nort, English translator, proofreader and copywriter, shown standing in front of desk.

For the past twenty years, I’ve built an exciting career on a bilingual foundation, drawing from a vast array of experience and stories. In fact, stories are the common denominator in all of my work. A deep understanding of language is only possible in the context of the stories a language tells. From philosophical essays to authentic material in content marketing or writing songs; it always comes down to understanding the story behind the text and how it’s best told and/or translated.


As a native speaker of English and German, I consider both Canada and Germany my home. Being immersed in both of these languages and cultures has given me plenty of insight into the opportunities that lie in language communication and has taught me to appreciate the challenges posed by the idiosyncrasies of a particular language and specific cultural context. 


Throughout the course of my career as an English language professional, I have worked in-house and freelanced for numerous educational and cultural institutions as well as dozens of international companies ranging from tech and energy corporations to financial and legal firms.