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As a certified translator, excellent command of both languages is an absolute must. With my native-language expertise and various fields of specialization, I offer translations of utmost quality. My aim is to create an idiomatic target text while maintaining original meaning and nuances. I am creative where called for and hairsplittingly accurate when necessary. 


For additional quality assurance, I entrust the proofreading of translations to experienced colleagues. Choose between the two or even three-person rule for documents of particular importance.

The hermeneutic translation – or how to master pitfalls successfully

Every language has its quirks and particularities. What sounds elegant and professional in German might seem stiff and cumbersome in English. When that is the case, a "pure" translation is not always the optimal solution. In such cases, partial rewriting or creating new text is a viable option. That way the message does not get lost in translation. On the contrary – it’s the only way the message remains intact.

Proofreading & Editing

Do you need an eagle eye for correct commas? Are you uncertain about the correct usage of the present perfect? I’ll scan your text thoroughly for all kinds of snags related to the English language.


Depending on your needs, I'll refine your word choice, raise your register and customize your text to your target audience. During the editing process, I'll improve style, structure and rhetoric to avoid redundancy and ensure accuracy, consistency and logical argumentation. 


I also offer consultations should you want to restructure or modify your own text. Preserving the essence of your work is a top priority of mine.


For me, authenticity lies at the heart of great content. Not as a gimmick, but as the bedrock that allows the unique characteristics and strengths of the subject matter to shine. True value requires no sales pitch. It stands on its own. The key is to figure out how to best tell your authentic story. Once I know what you want to say, to whom you want to say it and in what context you want to present your text, I'll create the text that is right for you. The result is a fine-tuned document for your medium of choice that includes your compelling content and appeals to your audience.


Should you require audio, I also offer professional voice-over services.


Sometimes your text needs more than just letters. Whether you need a captivating narrator for your audio walking tour or for your social media content, I will provide you with professionally narrated tracks that are ready for upload or to be embedded in video.